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31-Jul-2012Sobre: "Un comentario sobre el artículo: Tiempo mínimo y trayectoria de movimiento"-
31-Jul-2012Solución de la ecuación de onda como un problema de valores iniciales usando diferencias finitas-
31-Jul-2012Solving the time-dependent Schrödinger equation using finite difference methods-
31-Jul-2012Some classical properties of the non-abelian Yang-Mills theories-
31-Jul-2012Some intricacies of the momentum operator in quantum mechanics-
31-Jul-2012Some thoughts on the philosophy of color-
31-Jul-2012Student use of vectors in the context of acceleration-
31-Jul-2012Students' difficulties with tension in massless strings. Part I-
31-Jul-2012Students' difficulties with tension in massless strings. Part II-
31-Jul-2012Students' strategies for solving partially specified physics problems-
31-Jul-2012Students' understanding of vectors in the context of forces-
31-Jul-2012Surface electric current distributions on spheres and spheroids as sources of pure quadrupole magnetic fields-
31-Jul-2012Systematic electrical characterization study of a hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor heterojunction at different illumination conditions-
31-Jul-2012The Cauchy problem for a forced harmonic oscillator-
31-Jul-2012The elastic rod-
31-Jul-2012The exactly solvable self-gravitating fermion cluster in two dimensions-
31-Jul-2012The meaning of 1 in j(j+1)-
31-Jul-2012The nonlinear pendulum: formulas for the large amplitude period-
31-Jul-2012The wavelength of a laser diode and the birefringence of mica: The IPhO40 experimental exam-
31-Jul-2012Thermal model for a microhot plate used in a MEM gas sensor-