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dc.creatorZurita-Sánchez,Jorge R.-
dc.descriptionWe present a quasi-static description of the electromagnetic fields created by an oscillating electric dipole in the vicinity of a dielectric sphere. In this description: the fields are generated by image sources, a simple physical picture of the electromagnetic response of the dipole nearby a dielectric sphere is obtained, and the nearfields are calculated from the Green tensor of a bulk medium. This quasi-static description can be applied to study radiative properties of emitters (molecules, atoms, etc.) placed in the vicinity of a dielectric spherical nanoparticle.-
dc.publisherRevista mexicana de física-
dc.subjectElectric dipole radiation-
dc.subjectdielectric sphere-
dc.titleQuasi-static electromagnetic fields created by an electric dipole in the vicinity of a dielectric sphere: method of images-
dc.typejournal article-
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