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Título: Alternative method for determining the Feynman propagator of a relativistic quantum mechanical problem
Palabras clave: Feynman propagator
Dirac oscillator
relativistic Green functions
Fecha de publicación: 31-Jul-2012
Editorial: Revista mexicana de física
Descripción: The authors, together with A. del Campo, developed an alternative method for determining the Feynman propagator [1] for a non-relativistic problem. One started with the time dependent Schroedinger equation for the problem. Carried out a Laplace transform with respect to time to get the equation for the energy dependent Green function and derived it explicitly. We then carried out the inverse Laplace transform in the energy to get Feynman propagator. In this paper we carry out the same programme for a relativistic problem associated with the one dimensional Dirac equation of a free particle and the Dirac oscillator proposed by Moshinsky and Szczepaniak [2] twenty years ago.
Other Identifiers: http://www.scielo.org.mx/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0035-001X2008000900015
Aparece en las Colecciones:Revista Mexicana de Física

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