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31-Jul-2012Temporal and spatial trends studied by lichen analysis: atmospheric deposition of trace elements in México-
31-Jul-2012Técnica fotoacústica aplicada a la determinación de propiedades térmicas de muestras de silicio poroso-
31-Jul-2012The 19F(&#945;,p1&#947;)22Ne reaction and the abundance of fluorine in Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars-
31-Jul-2012The action of canonical transformations on functions defined on the configuration space-
31-Jul-2012The binding energy of donor impurities in GaAs quantum dots under the pressure effect-
31-Jul-2012The binding energy of light excitons in spherical quantum dots under hydrostatic pressure-
31-Jul-2012The Clifford structure of Nambu mechanics-
31-Jul-2012The dynamics of coupled atom and field assisted by continuous external pumping-
31-Jul-2012The effect of Er3+ doping on the physical properties of CdSe thin films deposited by chemical bath-
31-Jul-2012The Einstein model and the heat capacity of solids under high pressures-
31-Jul-2012The Einstein-Hamilton-Jacobi equation: searching the classical solution for barotropic FRW-
31-Jul-2012The final fate of very massive first stars-
31-Jul-2012The geometrical characteristics of fcc, hcp, and polycrystalline nanowires: simulations of transmission electron microscopy images and diffraction patterns-
31-Jul-2012The geometry and phase transition behavior of configuration mixing in the interacting boson model-
31-Jul-2012The Gordon and Zarmi model for convective atmospheric cells under the ecological criterion applied to the planets of the solar system-
31-Jul-2012The hydrogen atom via the four-dimensional spherical harmonics-
31-Jul-2012The hydrogen atom with an origin centred singularity-
31-Jul-2012The influence of non-minimally coupled scalar fields on the dynamics of interacting galaxies-
31-Jul-2012The Klein-Gordon equation with the Woods-Saxon potential well-
31-Jul-2012The Kodama state for topological quantum field theory beyond instantons in topological Yang-Mills theory-