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31-Jul-2012Quantification and differentiation of nuclear tracks in solid state detectors by simulation of their diffraction pattern applying Fourier optics-
31-Jul-2012Quantum bouncer with quadratic dissipation-
31-Jul-2012Quantum control with periodic sequences of non resonant pulses-
31-Jul-2012Quasi-static electromagnetic fields created by an electric dipole in the vicinity of a dielectric sphere: method of images-
31-Jul-2012Quasinormal frequencies of the Dirac field in the massless topological black hole-
31-Jul-2012¿Qué nos dicen las observaciones cosmológicas sobre el Universo?-
31-Jul-2012Quintessence with induced gravity-
31-Jul-2012Radioactive mineral samples from the northwest of Chihuahua City, México-
31-Jul-2012Radionuclides in the environment in the south of Spain, anthropogenic enhancements due to industry-
31-Jul-2012Randomly rough rectangular-groove surfaces with predetermined backscatter intensities-
31-Jul-2012Realization of multiscroll chaotic attractors by using current-feedback operational amplifiers-
31-Jul-2012Reciprocity relations for Bollmann's o-lattice-
31-Jul-2012Reconocimiento de formas con un correlador óptico aplicado a imágenes desenfocadas: invariancia por medio de la selección y fusión de bandas-
31-Jul-2012Reconstrucción de dosis a partir del efecto pre-dosis del cuarzo: procedimiento combinado de dosis aditiva y activación múltiple-
31-Jul-2012Recursive parametrization of quark flavour mixing matrices-
31-Jul-2012Reduced order ocean model using proper orthogonal decomposition-
31-Jul-2012Reduction of friction in fluid transport: experimental investigation-
31-Jul-2012Reduction of splice loss between dissimilar fibers by tapering and fattening-
31-Jul-2012Reflectors for VCN and applications of VCN-
31-Jul-2012Refractive index of multiline nanosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures and porous silicon-