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31-Jul-2012Particle production by a spatially homogeneous time-dependent electric field-
31-Jul-2012Patterns of aggregation in coprecipitation reactions-
31-Jul-2012Percolación discreta en redes tridimensionales-
31-Jul-2012Performance characteristic of energy selective electron (ESE) refrigerator with filter heat conduction-
31-Jul-2012Performance of a petal resonator surface (PERES) coil via equivalent circuit simulation-
31-Jul-2012Performance of artificial neural networks and genetical evolved artificial neural networks unfolding techniques-
31-Jul-2012Perspectives on nuclear mass formulae-
31-Jul-2012Phase transitions of granular disks with a magnetic dipole-
31-Jul-2012Photochromic properties of azo dye polymer thin films: evidence of an additional reversible mechanism of molecular behaviour-
31-Jul-2012Photovoltage and J-V features of porous silicon-
31-Jul-2012Physics, combinatorics and Hopf algebras-
31-Jul-2012PIXE analysis of the obsidian support of two paintings from the Louvre by Murillo-
31-Jul-2012Plasmonic modes in a dispersive left handed material optical fiber-
31-Jul-2012Polymerization of commercial Mexican sulfur-
31-Jul-2012Potentiometric behavior of graphite-epoxy electrochemical transducers towards anions, cations and pH in aqueous media-
31-Jul-2012Power dissipation in a capacitive coupled 450 khz discharge set up for a CO2 laser-
31-Jul-2012Prediction of mechanical properties of a minute electronic device with porous ceramic-