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31-Jul-2012Obtaining time-dependent invariants by the Sarlet-Bahar method for a non-linear equation-
31-Jul-2012Obtención de los parámetros ópticos de la piel usando algoritmos genéticos y MCML-
31-Jul-2012Obtención de una microestructura nueva en la aleación Zn - 40 %at. Al - 1. 5 %at. Cu-
31-Jul-2012On quantum scattering on magnetic monopole-
31-Jul-2012On recovering the parametric model of the Chua system via a gradient algorithm-
31-Jul-2012On the anisotropy in the HRTEM images of a decagonal quasicrystalline phase of the Al-Cu-Co-Si system-
31-Jul-2012On the Application of the numerical Laplace transform for accurate electromagnetic transient analysis-
31-Jul-2012On the boundary conditions in tracer transport models for fractured porous underground formations-
31-Jul-2012On the cooling law of a non-dilute granular gas-
31-Jul-2012On the coupling of size-quantized excitons with light in one-dimensional dielectric-semiconductor photonic crystals-
31-Jul-2012On the existence of conformal Killing vectors for ST-homogeneous Godel type space-times-
31-Jul-2012On the morse potential in liquid phase and at liquid-vapor interface-
31-Jul-2012On the optimum operation conditions of an endoreversible heat engine with different heat transfer laws in the thermal couplings-
31-Jul-2012On the phenomenology underlying Taylor's hypothesis in atmospheric turbulence-
31-Jul-2012On the scaling properties of the total cross section-
31-Jul-2012On the spinodal decomposition of In xGa1-xNyAs1-y and GaSb xNyAs1-x-y alloys-
31-Jul-2012On the WKB approximation of noncommutative quantum cosmology-
31-Jul-2012Ondas PP y Curvatura Distribucional-
31-Jul-2012One step a-Si: H TFT'S with PECVD SiOxNy gate insulator-
31-Jul-2012One-dimensional photonic crystals with semiconducting constituents: the effects of the absorption mechanisms-