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31-Jul-2012Nano hydroxyapatite crystals obtained by colloidal solution-
31-Jul-2012Nano-channels filling flow of arbitrary cross-sections-
31-Jul-2012Nanobiosensors based on optoelectronic and nanomechanical transducers for genomic and proteomic applications-
31-Jul-2012Neutrino masses and mixings in a minimal S3-invariant extension of the standard model-
31-Jul-2012Neutrino masses and neutrinoless double-beta decay-
31-Jul-2012Neutron emission effects on final fragments mass and kinetic energy distribution from low energy fission of234U-
31-Jul-2012Neutron room return effect-
31-Jul-2012Neutron spectrometry using artificial neural networks for a bonner sphere spectrometer with a ³He detector-
31-Jul-2012Neutron sprectra re-binning and dose calculation using Monte Carlo methods-
31-Jul-2012New advances in magnetic nanostructures-
31-Jul-2012New coordinates for the four-body problem-
31-Jul-2012Newtonian limit of scalar-tensor theories and galactic dynamics: isolated and interacting galaxies-
31-Jul-2012Noise measurements on optical detectors-
31-Jul-2012Noise-assisted synchronization of the transition times of a set of uncoupled bistable elements-
31-Jul-2012Non linear optical properties of novel amphiphilic azo-polymers bearing well defined oligo (ethylene glycol) spacers-
31-Jul-2012Non-Abelian Born-Infeld action-
31-Jul-2012Non-destructive measurement of the dielectric constant of solid samples-
31-Jul-2012Non-equivalence of the microcanonical and canonical ensembles in a bosonic Josephson junction-
31-Jul-2012Non-isolated pair model for upconversion energy transfer processes-
31-Jul-2012Non-laser approach to photochemical tissue bonding-