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31-Jul-2012Transición de Spin-Flop inducida por un campo magnético pulsado en el compuesto MnGa2Se4-
31-Jul-2012Transient phenomena in quantum mechanics-
31-Jul-2012Trapping effects on short-range two-body interactions-
31-Jul-2012Two methods to determine the Hermite-Gaussian beam radius by means of aperiodic rulings-
31-Jul-2012Two step synthesis of TlBa2Ca2Cu3Ox films on Ag substrates by spray pyrolysis of metal-acetylacetonates-
31-Jul-2012Two techniques for generating a secondary electromagnetic source with desired statistical properties-
31-Jul-2012Two, three and four photon absorption of naphthalene-
31-Jul-2012Ultra high energy cosmic rays: present status and recent results-
31-Jul-2012Ultrasonic determination of real contact area of randomly rough surfaces in elastoplastic contact-
31-Jul-2012Umbrales de percolación de sitios. Pequeñas celdas bidimensionales asimétricas-
31-Jul-2012Una estrategia instruccional para el laboratorio de Física I usando la "V de Gowin"-
31-Jul-2012Una prueba empírica de generadores de números pseudoaleatorios mediante un proceso de decaimiento exponencial-
31-Jul-2012Unfolding ray trace for plates and wedges-
31-Jul-2012Uniformly accelerated observers in special relativity-
31-Jul-2012Unique carbon-nano-structure for high quality electron-emitter to be employed in a variety of applications-
31-Jul-2012Universal testing machine for mechanical properties of thin materials-
31-Jul-2012Universality of the nuclear matrix element governing the mass sector of the decay-
31-Jul-2012Unstable states of In xAl yGa1-x-yN quaternary alloys-
31-Jul-2012Use of the associated particle technique for the measurement of neutron cross sections at small angles-
31-Jul-2012Using the MAST virtual observatory to study light profiles in elliptical galaxies-