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31-Jul-2012Open questions and perspectives for hadron electromagnetic form factors in space-like and time-like regions-
31-Jul-2012Optical conductivity the optical conductivity resonance from an exact description of the electronic states around the Fermi energy-
31-Jul-2012Optical effects by high energy electrons in additively colored KCl and KBr crystals-
31-Jul-2012Optical properties and aggregation of 1-N-methylamino-4'-nitroazobenzene in various environments-
31-Jul-2012Optical properties of Er-doped GaN-
31-Jul-2012Optical sensing technique for Young's modulus measurements in piezoelectric materials-
31-Jul-2012Optical sensitivity of Al/SRO/Si MOS diodes-
31-Jul-2012Optical sensor for the quantification of monoclonal antibodies-
31-Jul-2012Optical spectroscopy and multivariate analysis of biomedical optics-
31-Jul-2012Optical trapping of particles at the air/water interface for studies in Langmuir monolayers-
31-Jul-2012Optically pumped generation of multi-pulse three-wave coupled states in a two-mode waveguide with a square-law nonlinearity and digital modulation of light-
31-Jul-2012Optically stimulated luminescence response to ionizing radiation of red bricks (SiO2, Al2O3 and Fe2O3) used as building materials-
31-Jul-2012Optimal configuration of a finite mass reservoir isothermal chemical engine for maximum work output with linear mass transfer law-
31-Jul-2012Optimal configuration of heat engines for maximum efficiency with generalized radiative heat transfer law-
31-Jul-2012Optimal ratios of the piston speeds for a finite speed endoreversible Carnot heat engine cycle-
31-Jul-2012Optimal stabilization of unstable periodic orbits embedded in chaotic systems-
31-Jul-2012Optimization of an irreversible Carnot engine in finite time and finite size-
31-Jul-2012Optimization of the diffraction efficiency in non-uniform gratings in sillenite crystals (Bi12SiO20 and Bi12TiO2) considering the variation of fringe period, optical activity and polarization angles in a strong non-linear regime-
31-Jul-2012Optimization of the gain in non-uniform gratings in a Bi12SiO20 crystal considering the variation of fringe period, optical activity and polarization angles in a strong non-linear regime-
31-Jul-2012Orientifolios no-supersimétricos con branas y anti-branas-