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31-Jul-2012Geometric analysis of the null screens used for testing convex optical surfaces-
31-Jul-2012Geometric associative memories applied to pattern restoration-
31-Jul-2012Geometrical thick branes in 5D Weyl gravity-
31-Jul-2012Gowdy Cosmological Models from Stringy Black Holes-
31-Jul-2012Gradient of heavy elements in the ocean sediments from the Gulf of Tehuantepec-
31-Jul-2012Group averaging and the Ashtekar-Horowitz model-
31-Jul-2012Growth of Al&#967;Ga1&#8211;&#967; As/GaAs structures for single quantum wells by solid arsenic MOCVD system-
31-Jul-2012Guided-wave modes in graded-index optical fibers by two-point quasi-rational approximants-
31-Jul-2012Hall effect: the role of nonequilibrium charge carriers-
31-Jul-2012Hamiltonians and Lagrangians of non-autonomous one-dimensional mechanical systems-
31-Jul-2012Hard-colloidal particles in contact with fluctuating membranes-
31-Jul-2012Heating load, COP, exergy loss rate, exergy output rate and ecological optimizations for a class of generalized irreversible universal heat pump cycles-
31-Jul-2012High resolution (3+1) REMPI and dissociation of acetone via 3pn Rydberg transitions-
31-Jul-2012High signal-to-noise ratio wedges for oblique incidence in ultrasonic testing-
31-Jul-2012Highly porous tungsten-oxide-based films obtained by spray-gel for gas sensing applications-
31-Jul-2012Hologramas tipo Lohmann multiplexados-
31-Jul-2012Hybrid - block copolymer nanocomposites. characterization of nanostructure by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)-
31-Jul-2012Hydriding and dehydriding properties of Mg2Ni/Ni and Mg2 Ni/Ni + 5 wt.% Cu prepared by mechanical alloying-
31-Jul-2012Hydrogen atom in a magnetic field: electromagnetic transitions of the lowest states-
31-Jul-2012Hydrogen desorption process in Mg2Ni hydrides-