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31-Jul-2012From conformal Killing vector fields to boost-rotational symmetry-
31-Jul-2012From embedded solitons to 4d dynamical systems-
31-Jul-2012Frustración local en la red arquimediana (3,4,6,4)-
31-Jul-2012FTIR and photoluminescence studies of porous silicon layers oxidized in controlled water vapor conditions-
31-Jul-2012Fuente sonora omni-direccional-
31-Jul-2012Fugas de calor y aprovechamiento de efluentes en la optimización de ciclos Brayton totalmente irreversibles-
31-Jul-2012Fundamental physics with cold and ultracold neutrons-
31-Jul-2012Fusion, break-up and scattering of weakly bound nuclei-
31-Jul-2012Gamma radiation effects in coriander (coriandrum sativum L) for consumption in Mexico-
31-Jul-2012Gamow vectors and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics-
31-Jul-2012Gelatina dicromatada modificada para incrementar su resistencia a la humedad-
31-Jul-2012Geodesic deviation equation for relativistic tops and the detection of gravitational waves-
31-Jul-2012Geometric analysis of the null screens used for testing convex optical surfaces-
31-Jul-2012Geometric associative memories applied to pattern restoration-
31-Jul-2012Geometrical thick branes in 5D Weyl gravity-
31-Jul-2012Gowdy Cosmological Models from Stringy Black Holes-
31-Jul-2012Gradient of heavy elements in the ocean sediments from the Gulf of Tehuantepec-
31-Jul-2012Group averaging and the Ashtekar-Horowitz model-
31-Jul-2012Growth of Al&#967;Ga1&#8211;&#967; As/GaAs structures for single quantum wells by solid arsenic MOCVD system-
31-Jul-2012Guided-wave modes in graded-index optical fibers by two-point quasi-rational approximants-