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31-Jul-2012A simplified rietveld code for quantitative phase analysis: development, test and application to uranium mineral So-
31-Jul-2012A study and characterization of the optically stimulated luminescence response of commercial SiO2 optical fiber to gamma radiation-
31-Jul-2012A survey of embedded solitons-
31-Jul-2012A theoretical quantum study on the distribution of electrophilic and nucleophilic active sites on Cu(100) surfaces modeled as finite clusters-
31-Jul-2012Ab initio calculation of structural and electronic properties of alloys-
31-Jul-2012Ab initio study of structural, electronic and magnetic properties of iron clusters Fe n (n=2-13)-
31-Jul-2012Absolute values of transport mean free path of light in non-absorbing media using transmission and reflectance measurements-
31-Jul-2012Absorción óptica a altas presiones del TLGaSe2-
31-Jul-2012Absorción óptica y dependencia de la brecha de energía con la temperatura en monocristales del sistema Cd1-xMn xIn2S4-
31-Jul-2012Ac response to humidity and propane of sprayed Fe-Zn oxide films-
31-Jul-2012Accurate absolute measurement of trapped Cs atoms in a MOT-
31-Jul-2012Adsorption of carbon monoxide on graphene with high titanium coverage-
31-Jul-2012Aggregation behavior and rheology of culture broths of Rhodosorus marinus-
31-Jul-2012¿Aleatoriedad o determinismo no lineal?: Análisis de series temporales de contaminantes atmosféricos urbanos-
31-Jul-2012Algebraic approach for the reconstruction of Rössler system from the x3-variable-
31-Jul-2012Alternative method for determining the Feynman propagator of a relativistic quantum mechanical problem-
31-Jul-2012Alturas de equilibrio de líquidos en celdas de Hele-Shaw corrugadas bajo penetración capilar espontánea-
31-Jul-2012Aluminum doping of CdTe polycrystalline films starting from the heterostructure CdTe/Al-
31-Jul-2012Amplitude and phase recovering from a micro-digital hologram using angular spectrum-
31-Jul-2012An ab initio study of platinum hydrogen interaction-