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31-Jul-2012Design and construction of an extended range bonner spectrometer-
31-Jul-2012Study of deposited energy in lung tissue from radon's progeny calculated by Monte Carlo-
31-Jul-2012Atmospheric Pollution in the Tula Industrial Corridor studied using a biomonitor and nuclear analytical techniques-
31-Jul-2012Gamma radiation effects in coriander (coriandrum sativum L) for consumption in Mexico-
31-Jul-2012Performance of artificial neural networks and genetical evolved artificial neural networks unfolding techniques-
31-Jul-2012TLD determination of neutron dose contribution in medical linac-
31-Jul-2012Thermo-transferred thermoluminescence (TTTL) in potassium-yttrium double fluoride doped with terbium-
31-Jul-2012Extending studies of the fusion of heavy nuclei to the neutron-rich region using accelerated radioactive ion beams-
31-Jul-2012Characterization of excited states of 15N through 14C(p,p) 14C using polarized proton beam-
31-Jul-2012Neutron spectrometry using artificial neural networks for a bonner sphere spectrometer with a ³He detector-
31-Jul-2012The production of optical waveguides by ion implantation: the case of rutile-
31-Jul-2012A study and characterization of the optically stimulated luminescence response of commercial SiO2 optical fiber to gamma radiation-
31-Jul-2012Analysis and correction of track overlapping on nuclear track detectors (SSNTD)-
31-Jul-2012Long term indoor radon measurements in the pelletron laboratory at the UNAM physics institute-
31-Jul-2012Thermoluminescence response of the polymineral fraction from hibiscus sabdariffa L foodstuffs-
31-Jul-2012Baccharis Salicifolia development in the presence of high concentrations of uranium in the arid environment of San Marcos, Chihuahua-
31-Jul-2012Electron dynamics of transition metal compounds studied with resonant soft x-ray scattering-
31-Jul-2012Searching for the origin of isoscaling: confinement and expansion-
31-Jul-2012Synchrotron radiation study of the uranium chemical species electrodeposited for alpha spectrometry sources-
31-Jul-2012An improvement to nuclear track counting systems using laser light scattering-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Fecha de envío in Descendente order): 1 to 20 of 750
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