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31-Jul-2012A 1.4 GHZ and 14.7 GHZ analysis of density gradients in galactic planetary nebulae-
31-Jul-2012A Compact Radio Counterpart to the Energetic X-ray Pulsar Associated with the TeV Gamma-Ray Source J1813-178-
31-Jul-2012A Detailed Light Curve Analysis of TY Delphini-
31-Jul-2012A dynamical model for the spiral galaxy NGC 3359-
31-Jul-2012A geometrical model for the catalogs of galaxies-
31-Jul-2012A new search for variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 6366-
31-Jul-2012A Photometric and Spectroscopic Evaluation of the Site at Tonantzintla Observatory-
31-Jul-2012A Photometric Study of the W UMa Type Eclipsing Binary V376 And-
31-Jul-2012A pre-merger in the Luminous Infrared System IRAS 02290+2533-
31-Jul-2012A reassessment of the kinematics of PV Cephei based on accurate proper motion measurements-
31-Jul-2012A Simple Accretion Model of a Rotating Gas Sphere onto a Schwarzschild Black Hole-
31-Jul-2012A turbulent model for the surface brightness of extragalactic jets-
31-Jul-2012A variant of the Titius-Bode Law-
31-Jul-2012A VLA Archive Observation of the Youngest Known Galactic Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3-
31-Jul-2012Age Estimation And Masss Functions of TTauri Stars in The Taurus Auriga Molecular Cloud-
31-Jul-2012Amplitude fluctuations in curvature sensing: comparison of two schemes-
31-Jul-2012An atlas of synthetic line profiles of planetary nebulae-
31-Jul-2012Analysis of chromatic effects in the shift-and-add method-
31-Jul-2012Analysis of the diffuse ionized gas database: DIGEDA-
31-Jul-2012Atomic species in the spectrum of the Hg-Mn star HD 53244-