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dc.creatorValverde,Rodrigo A.-
dc.creatorGutierrez,Dina L.-
dc.descriptionScreening 50 greenhouse grown Jalapeño M (JM) (Capsicum annuum) pepper plants for the presence of pepper cryptic virus - 1 (PCV-1) by dsRNA extraction and analysis by electrophoresis, resulted in two JM lines. One was PCV-1 free and designated JM-N. The other one was PCV-1 positive and designated JM-P. Both lines were susceptible to natural infection by Cucumber mosaic virus and its satellite RNA. PCV-1 was not graft transmitted but it was transmitted both paternally (pollen) and maternally (ovule). Partial sequence of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene was obtained from three overlapping cDNA clones derived from PCV-1 dsRNA. A search for aminoacid sequence similarity using the NCBI BLAST resulted in significant alignments with the RNA dependent RNA polymerase of Beet cryptic virus -3 and several putative members of the family Partitiviridae. Data presented indicate that PCV-1 is a distinct species of the family Partitiviridae.-
dc.publisherRevista mexicana de fitopatología-
dc.subjectCryptic virus-
dc.subjectCucumber mosaic virus-
dc.subjectBeet cryptic virus-3-
dc.subjectpepper cryptic virus-1-
dc.subjectdouble-stranded RNA-
dc.titleMolecular and Biological Properties of a Putative Partitivirus from Jalapeño Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)-
dc.typejournal article-
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