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10-Sep-2011Sampling – Reconstruction Procedure of Gaussian Fields;
10-Sep-2011Sampling-Based Motion Planning: A Survey;
10-Sep-2011Scheduling Fault Recovery Operation in Real-Time Systems-
10-Sep-2011Schedulling Malleable Task with Convex Processing Speed Functions-
10-Sep-2011Searching for Qualitative and Quantitative Features for the Efficient Modification of Scale in Vector Layers;
10-Sep-2011Searching Prime Numbers with Short Binary Signed Representation;
10-Sep-2011Segmentación de defectos superficiales en alambrón de cobre;
10-Sep-2011Segmentation of Blood Vessels Based on a Threshold that Combines Statistical and Scale Space Filters;
10-Sep-2011Selección de Características usando Testores Típicos aplicada a la Estimación de Parámetros Estelares;
10-Sep-2011Selective Conditional Enhancement of Digital Color Halftone Images;
10-Sep-2011Semantic Similarity between Systems of Geographic Objects Applied to Generalization of Geospatial Data;
10-Sep-2011Semi-Automated Heat Transfer Measurement;
10-Sep-2011Semiglobal Chaotification of One Class of n-Dimensional Continuous-Time Systems Via a Time-Delay Feedback;
10-Sep-2011Semiqualitative Methodology to Reasoning about Dynamic Systems;
10-Sep-2011Sensei: Transferencia de Estado en Grupos de Objetos Distribuidos;
10-Sep-2011Sensitivity Analisys in Logical-Combinatorial Pattern Recognition-
10-Sep-2011Sequences Cifrantes of Metallic Numbers to leave of Continuous Fractions;
10-Sep-2011Setting Decision Process Optimization into Stochastic vs. Petri Nets Contexts;
10-Sep-2011Shot Noise Modeling of Heavy Tailed Activity Periods;
10-Sep-2011Simon Haykin. Neuronal Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation (en español)-