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10-Sep-2011Navegación de un robot móvil por medio de control visual en ambiente estructurado;
10-Sep-2011Neural Network Based Wireless ATM Scheduler for Predicting and Shaping VBR and ABR Traffics;
10-Sep-2011New Models for Computer Assisted Solar Distillation Research-
10-Sep-2011Noisy Binary Texture Recognition Using the Coordinated Cluster Transform;
10-Sep-2011Non-Uniformity of a Pattern and ”the Best” Single View 3D Pose Estimator-
10-Sep-2011Nonlinear Control of a Simplified Model for Switched Reluctance Motors-
10-Sep-2011Nontrivial Solutions to the Cubic Sieve Congruence Problem;
10-Sep-2011Normalization of a 3D-Shape Similarity Measure with Voxel Representation;
10-Sep-2011On Coherente Maintenance in Human-Machine Dialogue whit Contextual Ellipses-
10-Sep-2011On Line Optimal Control of Robots for Tracking without Inverse Kinematics;
10-Sep-2011On Modelling an Immune System;
10-Sep-2011On Multicriteria Mixed Integer Linear Programming Based Tools for Location Problems-An Updated Critical Overview Illustrated with a Bicriteria DSS;
10-Sep-2011On Some Properties of the Sandpile Model of Self-Organized Critical Systems;
10-Sep-2011On the Correction of Faulty Formulae-
10-Sep-2011On the Power of P Systems with Valuations-
10-Sep-2011On the Security of Mexican Digital Fiscal Documents;
10-Sep-2011One Approach to the Time-Optimal Strategy Formulation for Analog Circuit Desing;
10-Sep-2011Ontological representation based on semantic descriptors applied to geographic objects;
10-Sep-2011Optimación de un Biorreactor Aerobio para el Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales Industriales-
10-Sep-2011Optimal and Robust Sliding Mode Regulator for Linear Systems with Delayed Control;