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10-Sep-2011A Phase Domain Modelling of Thyristor Controller Series Compesator for Active Power Flow Control in Unbalanced Electric Trasmission Networks-
10-Sep-2011A QRS Detector Based on Haar Wavelet, Evaluation with MIT-BIH Arrhythmia and European ST-T Databases;
10-Sep-2011A Reactive Location Routing Algorithm with Cluster-Based Flooding for Inter- Vehicle Communication;
10-Sep-2011A Reinforcement Learning Solution for Allocating Replicated Fragments in a Distributed Database;
10-Sep-2011A Simple Deterministic Lorenz Chaotic-Based Methodology to Cipher and Decipher Information;
10-Sep-2011A Supervised Discretization Method for Quantitative and Qualitative Ordered Variables;
10-Sep-2011A Systemic Rebuttal to the Criticism of Using the Eigenvector for Priority Assessment in the Analytic Hierarchy Process for Decision Making;
10-Sep-2011A Unified Methodology to Evaluate Supervised and Non-Supervised Classification Algorithms;
10-Sep-2011A vision based control platform for Industrial Robot Rehabilitation;
10-Sep-2011Accurate Flexible Numerical Boundary Conditions for Multidimensional Transport and Diffusion;
10-Sep-2011Active Vibration Control Using On-line Algebraic Identification and Sliding Modes;
10-Sep-2011Adaptive Tracking for DC-Derivate Motor Based on Matrix Forgetting-
10-Sep-2011Adequacy Checking of Personal Software Development Effort Estimation Models Based upon Fuzzy Logic: A Replicated Experiment;
10-Sep-2011Agent Based Simulation in the Selection of Work Teams;
10-Sep-2011Algebraic Immunity of Boolean Functions – Analysis and Construction;
10-Sep-2011Algorithms and Methods for the Automatic Speech Recognition in Spanish Language using Syllables;
10-Sep-2011Algoritmo para corregir errores ortográficos en español relacionados al acento
10-Sep-2011Alpha-Beta Bidirectional Associative Memories;
10-Sep-2011Ambient Computing Research for Healthcare: Challenges, Opportunities and Experiences;
10-Sep-2011An Algorithm for Computing Design Parameters of IFIR Filters with Low Complexity;