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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
31-Jul-2012A Cross-Lingual Pattern Retrieval Framework-
31-Jul-2012A Graph-based Approach to Cross-language Multi-document Summarization-
31-Jul-2012A Micro Artificial Immune System-
31-Jul-2012A Natural Language Dialogue System for Impression-based Music Retrieval-
31-Jul-2012Análisis de Opiniones con Ontologías-
31-Jul-2012Aprendizaje de Reglas Encadenas para la Creación de Grafos Conceptuales-
31-Jul-2012Are my Children Old Enough to Read these Books? Age Suitability Analysis-
31-Jul-2012Assesing the Feature-Driven Nature of Similarity-based Sorting of Verbs-
31-Jul-2012Clause Boundary Identification using Classifier and Clause Markers in Urdu Language-
31-Jul-2012Contextual Analysis of Mathematical Expressions for Advanced Mathematical Search-
31-Jul-2012Detecting Derivatives using Specific and Invariant Descriptors-
31-Jul-2012Examining the Validity of Cross-Lingual Word Sense Disambiguation-
31-Jul-2012External Sandhi and its Relevance to Syntactic Treebanking-
31-Jul-2012Keywords Identification within Greek URLs-
31-Jul-2012Knowledge Expansion of a Statistical Machine Translation System using Morphological Resources-
31-Jul-2012Linguistically Motivated Negation Processing: An Application for the Detection of Risk Indicators in Unstructured Discharge Summaries-
31-Jul-2012Low Cost Construction of a Multilingual Lexicon from Bilingual Lists-
31-Jul-2012On a Framework for Complex and ad hoc Event Management over Distributed Systems-
31-Jul-2012Predicción de Fallos en Redes IP empleando Redes Neuronales Artificiales-