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Título: Feedfordward output-feedback control of continuous exothermic reactors with isotonic kinetics
Autores: Diaz Salgado, Jorge
Alvarez, Jesus
Schaum, Alexander
Moreno, Jaime A
Palabras clave: Reactor control
PI control,Output-feedback control
Constructive control
Fecha de publicación: 24-Jul-2012
Editorial: ELSEVIER
Resumen: The robust feedforward (FF) output-feedback (OF) control problem of (possibly open-loop unstable) continuousexothermic jacketed reactors with isotonic kinetics with respect to reactant concentration isconsidered. The volume, temperature, and concentration must be regulated by manipulating the feed, exitand coolant flowrates on the basis of volume and temperature measurements. The problem is addressedas an interlaced controller-observer design within a constructive control framework. The result is a quasilinear-decentralized (qLD) FF-OF dynamic controller which: (i) recovers (up to observer convergence)the behavior of a robust nonlinear FF-SF controller, (ii) has closed-loop stability conditions coupled withconventional-like tuning guidelines, and (iii) constitutes an add-on to the PI control scheme commonlyemployed in industrial reactors. The approach is tested with an open-loop unstable reactor examplethrough simulations.
ISSN: 0959-1524
Aparece en las Colecciones:Ingeniería en Control, Instrumentación y Procesos

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