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Título: Supertwisting observer-based output feedback control of a class of continuous exothermic chemical reactor
Autores: Moreno, J
Alvarez, J
Rocha Cózatl, E
Díaz Salgado, J
Palabras clave: Reactor Control
Sliding Mode Observers
Output Feedback Controllers
Constructive Control
Fecha de publicación: 23-Jul-2012
Editorial: IFAC
Resumen: In this paper, the problem of designing an output feedback (OF) stabilizing controlscheme for (possibly open-loop unstable) exothermic reactors with temperature measurementsis addressed. The proposed OF controller consists of the combination of a nonlinear statefeedback(SF) passive controller (built by passivation by backstepping) with a finite-timerobustly convergent Supertwisting Observer (STO). The approach is tested with a representativeexample through simulations finding that the proposed controller behavior outperforms the oneof its counterpart implemented with an asymptotic (infinite-time convergent) Extended KalmanFilter (EKF).
Aparece en las Colecciones:Ingeniería en Control, Instrumentación y Procesos

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