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Título: Mixed Distributions in Low-Flow Frequency Analysis
Palabras clave: Minimum flow frequency analysis
maximum likelihood
heterogeneous samples
water quality
Fecha de publicación: 16-Jul-2012
Editorial: Ingeniería, investigación y tecnología
Descripción: Low-flow characteristics are required to solve several water-engineering problems. In this paper, the Mixed Gumbel and the Two Component Extreme Value distributions are presented toward their applications in low-flow frequency analysis. A region in southern Mexico, with 39 gauging stations was selected to analyze the lowest 1 day flows. Additionally, in order to calculate the stream design flow ( 7Q10) for water quality standards down stream of the Hydroelectric project La Parota, the lowest 7 day average flows were used. Results produced by fitting the mixed distribution were compared with those obtained by the Weibull-3, Gumbel, Lognormal-3 and General Extreme Value distributions. Results suggest that mixed distributions are a suitable option to be considered when analyzing minimum flows.
Other Identifiers: http://www.scielo.org.mx/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1405-77432009000300007
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