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dc.descriptionThe present paper is aimed both at analyzing how Amartya Sen's economic and moral thought is influenced by Adam Smith's works and at offering a perspective on global market which could be investigated trought quantitative analyses. In order to achieve this purpose, the authors provide a potential definition of a globalization which arises not from empirical evidences but from the analysis of the links existing between Adam Smith's thought and Amartya Sen's one. Globalization is here considered first as a global division of a labour, second as a global market where the productos generated by the division of labour are exchanged, and third as a complex socio-economic phenomenon which generates positive outcomes under two conditions: on one hand, every agent has to respect the rules coming from a common ethic, and, on the other hand, countries and International Organizations have to guarantee that every agent respects national and international laws. Therefore, the perspective on globalization here presented shows how global market could be a potential instrument to promote socio-economic development.-
dc.publisherInvestigación económica-
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dc.titleFrom Adam Smith to Amartya Sen: global market as a possible instrument to promote socio-economic development-
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