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dc.descriptionIn this paper we consider the concept of exploitation and the so-called Fundamental Marxian Theorem in a general linear model in which proper joint production, heterogeneous labour, and durable consumption goods are all allowed for. One of the features of our approach is that we deal with goods and various types of labour in a completely symmetrical way so long as technological data are concerned. There are no capitalists in the beginning, but a spectrum of workers who supply various types of labour as well as other services. Some workers may make savings, or have properties which yield incomes other than wages. When prices and wage rates are given, we can determine which types of labour are exploited and which types exploit others. All the main propositions are valid irrespective of whether or not our model economy is in a sort of equilibrium.-
dc.publisherInvestigación económica-
dc.subjectfundamental Marxian theorem-
dc.subjectheterogeneous labour-
dc.subjectvon Neumann-Morishima model-
dc.titleThe concept of exploitation in a general linear model with heterogeneous labour-
dc.typejournal article-
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