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Título: Volcanic hazards and risk perception at the "Zoque" community of Chapultenango: El Chichón volcano, Chiapas, México
Palabras clave: Volcanic hazards
risk perception
Fecha de publicación: 10-Jul-2012
Editorial: Geofísica internacional
Descripción: After 22 years of the 1982 eruption of El Chichón volcano, we conducted a statistically based survey of the residents of the community of Chapultenango (10 km east of the volcano) to assess their perception of volcano hazards and risk. The survey used: interviews with 90 adults who survived the 1982 eruption, and completion of questionnaires by 210 students, who were born after the eruption. While adult interviewees recognized the volcanic phenomena of the 1982 eruption, many remained poorly informed about volcanic hazards. Surprisingly, only 12% of the interviewees believe that the volcano could erupt again. The students are more educated and better informed, and most of them believe that the volcano could erupt again and are well aware of the hazards posed. In case of future eruption, of the students answered that they would abandon their homes to save their lives; 66% knew the evacuation routes. The results demonstrate that people of Chapultenango -particularly the older residents- have an inadequate perception of volcanic hazards and risk, despite proximity to an active volcano. Unfortunately, no long-term governmental programs to increase public awareness of volcano hazards and to develop hazards-mitigation strategies have been implemented at Chapultenango or other localities surrounding the volcano.
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