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10-Jul-2012Tephrochronological evidence for the late Holocene eruption history of El Chichón volcano, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012The 1982 eruption of El Chichón volcano, Mexico: Eyewitness of the disaster-
10-Jul-2012The 1998-1999 eruption of Volcán de Colima, Mexico: an application of Maeda's viscoelastic model-
10-Jul-2012The 4 December 1948 earthquake (Mw 6.4): Evidence of reverse faulting Beneath the Tres Marías escarpment and its implications for the Rivera-North American relative plate motion-
10-Jul-2012The application of electrical methods in exploration for ground water resources in the River Malacatoya sub-basin, Nicaragua-
10-Jul-2012The bolide of February 10, 2010: Observations in Hidalgo and Puebla, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012The Chicxulub multi-ring impact crater, Yucatan carbonate platform, Gulf of Mexico-
10-Jul-2012The ellipticity of Rayleigh waves at infinite depth-
10-Jul-2012The great aurora of January 18, 1770-
10-Jul-2012The pyroclastic dikes of the Tertiary San Luis Potosí volcanic field: Implications on the emplacement of Panalillo ignimbrite-
10-Jul-2012The relationship between Pacific Decadal and Southern Oscillations: Implications for the climate of northwestern Baja California-
10-Jul-2012The seismic and hydroacoustic stations on Socorro Island: Early results-
10-Jul-2012The south America VLF NETwork (SAVNET): Development, installation status, first results-
10-Jul-2012The structure of the Goulfey-Tourba sedimentary basin (Chad-Cameroon): a gravity study-
10-Jul-2012The Thar, Rajputana desert unprecedented rainfall in 2006 and 2010: effect of climate change?-
10-Jul-2012Tidal Current Components in the Southern Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Tidal currents in the Yucatan Channel-
10-Jul-2012Transient response and multiple scattering of elastic waves by a linear array of regularly distributed cylindrical obstacles: Anti-plane S-wave analytical solution-
10-Jul-2012Transport in the interplanetary medium of coronal mass ejections-
10-Jul-2012Unified formulation of enhanced oil-recovery methods-