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10-Jul-2012Height profiles of OI 630 nm and OI 557.7 nm airglow intensities measured via rocket-borne photometers and estimated using electron density data: a comparison-
10-Jul-2012Historical sunspot records from Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Human Footprints found in Central Mexico could be at least 40,000 years old-
10-Jul-2012Hydraulic fracturing as a possible mechanism of dyke-sill transitions and horizontal discordant intrusions in trachytic tabular bodies of Arraial do Cabo, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-
10-Jul-2012Imaging the earthquake cycle with the Moment-Ratio Method: An exploration-
10-Jul-2012Inter-decadal variability of Sporadic-E layer at Argentine Islands, Antarctica?-
10-Jul-2012Interpretation of Las Salinas sedimentary basin-Argentina, based on integration of geological and geophysical data-
10-Jul-2012Intraslab Mexican earthquakes of 27 April 2009 (Mw5.8) and 22 May 2009 (Mw5.6): a source and ground motion study-
10-Jul-2012Ionospheric evidence of the May 1960 earthquake over Concepción?-
10-Jul-2012Kappa-like distribution functions inside magnetic clouds-
10-Jul-2012Lacunarity of geophysical well logs in the Cantarell oil field, Gulf of Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Late Holocene tectonic land-level changes and tsunamis at Mitla lagoon, Guerrero, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Late Pleistocene to Holocene environmental changes from &#948;13C determinations in soils at Teotihuacan, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Low-cost accelerograph units as earthquake alert devices for Mexico City: how well would they work?-
10-Jul-2012Magnetic characteristics and archeointensity determination on Mesoamerican Pre-Columbian Pottery from Quiahuiztlan, Veracruz, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Magnetic features of marine black turtle natal beaches and implications for nest selection-
10-Jul-2012Magnetic mineral study of Holocene marine sediments from the Alfonso Basin, Gulf of California: implications for depositional environment and sediment sources-
10-Jul-2012Magnetic parameter analysis of a climosequence of soils in the Southern Pampean Region, Argentina-
10-Jul-2012Magnetic studies of natural goethite samples from Tharsis, Huelva, Spain-
10-Jul-2012Major and trace element geochemistry of El Chichón volcano-hydrothermal system (Chiapas, México) in 2006-2007: implications for future geochemical monitoring-