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10-Jul-2012Factors influencing the fault displacement-length relationship: an example from the Cantarell oilfield, Gulf of Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Factors that modulate the seasonal variability of the sea surface temperature of the Eastern Tropical Pacific-
10-Jul-2012Faulting process and coseismic stress change during the 30 January, 1973, Colima, Mexico interplate earthquake (Mw=7.6)-
10-Jul-2012Geochemistry and tectonic controls of the effusive activity related with the ancestral Nevado del Ruiz volcano, Colombia-
10-Jul-2012Geodynamics of the Wadati-Benioff zone earthquakes: The 2004 Sumatra earthquake and other great earthquakes-
10-Jul-2012Geoelectrical characterization of a site with hydrocarbon contamination caused by pipeline leakage-
10-Jul-2012Geological interpretation of Eastern Cuba Laterites from an airborne magnetic and radioactive isotope survey-
10-Jul-2012Geomagnetic disturbances analysis using discrete wavelets-
10-Jul-2012GIS based Hydrogeological Vulnerability Mapping of Groundwater Resources in Jerash Area - Jordan-
10-Jul-2012Gravity anomalies, sub-surface structure and oil and gas migration in the Mamfe, Cameroon-Nigeria, sedimentary basin-
10-Jul-2012Groundwater differentiation of the aquifer in the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Height profiles of OI 630 nm and OI 557.7 nm airglow intensities measured via rocket-borne photometers and estimated using electron density data: a comparison-
10-Jul-2012Historical sunspot records from Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Human Footprints found in Central Mexico could be at least 40,000 years old-
10-Jul-2012Hydraulic fracturing as a possible mechanism of dyke-sill transitions and horizontal discordant intrusions in trachytic tabular bodies of Arraial do Cabo, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-
10-Jul-2012Imaging the earthquake cycle with the Moment-Ratio Method: An exploration-
10-Jul-2012Inter-decadal variability of Sporadic-E layer at Argentine Islands, Antarctica?-
10-Jul-2012Interpretation of Las Salinas sedimentary basin-Argentina, based on integration of geological and geophysical data-
10-Jul-2012Intraslab Mexican earthquakes of 27 April 2009 (Mw5.8) and 22 May 2009 (Mw5.6): a source and ground motion study-