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10-Jul-2012Can lower E-region dust particles be responsible for counter electrojet?-
10-Jul-2012Chicxulub crater post-impact hydrothermal activity - evidence from Paleocene carbonates in the Santa Elena borehole-
10-Jul-2012Chicxulubites: a New Class of Meteorites?-
10-Jul-2012Cincuenta años de Geofísica Internacional (1960-2010)-
10-Jul-2012CO2 flux from the volcanic lake of El Chichón (Mexico)-
10-Jul-2012Common geophysical characteristics of Campi Flegrei, Rabaul and Usu: Three volcanic events-
10-Jul-2012Comparison of elevation heights using a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and a Total Station-
10-Jul-2012Comparison of regional elevation heights in the Aguascalientes basin using DGPS technique with INEGI's digital terrain model-
10-Jul-2012Computational platform of the Mexican Virtual Solar Observatory-
10-Jul-2012Convergence analysis for Latin-hypercube lattice-sample selection strategies for 3D correlated random hydraulic-conductivity fields-
10-Jul-2012Cooling rate effects on the magnetization of volcanic rocks: Some implications for paleointensity determination-
10-Jul-2012Crustal thickness beneath Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from spectra of SH waves at station RDJ-
10-Jul-2012Deep structural setting of the North American-Caribbean plate boundary in eastern Guatemala-
10-Jul-2012Depth estimation to crystalline basement in the valley of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Development and validation of an analytical method for the determination of lead isotopic composition using ICP-QMS-
10-Jul-2012Dr. Mario Acuña-
10-Jul-2012Dynamic disappearance of prominences and their geoeffectiveness-
10-Jul-2012Dynamical evolution of magnetic flux ropes in the solar wind-
10-Jul-2012Early estimation of epicenter seismic intensities according to co-seismic deformation-
10-Jul-2012El Chichón volcanic complex, Chiapas, México: Stages of evolution based on field mapping and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology-