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10-Jul-2012Microtremor studies using the SPAC method: Experiences and applications to four sites in Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Multi-scale analysis of well-logging data in petrophysical and stratigraphic correlation-
10-Jul-2012New detailed paleosecular variation record at Santa Lucía archaeological site (Corrientes province, northeastern Argentina)-
10-Jul-2012New locations of volcano-tectonic earthquakes under Popocatépetl Volcano applying a Genetic Search Algorithm-
10-Jul-2012Non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at El Chichón volcano (Chiapas, México): Geochemical features, origin and behavior-
10-Jul-2012Nota histórica-
10-Jul-2012Numerical modeling of Etla Valley aquifer, Oax., Mexico: Evolution and remediation scenarios-
10-Jul-2012On the frequency of auroras over Germany-
10-Jul-2012On the near surface momentum balance in the Yucatán Channel-
10-Jul-2012On the origin of low angle normal faulting in the Southern Rio Grande Rift-
10-Jul-2012Onset and end of the rainy season and corn yields in São Paulo State, Brazil-
10-Jul-2012Paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic survey of Brunhes lava flows from Tancitaro volcano, Mexico-
10-Jul-2012Paleomagnetic study of Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks north of San Marcos fault, central Coahuila, México-
10-Jul-2012Paleoseismology of the southwestern Morelia-Acambay fault system, central México-
10-Jul-2012Poisson relation applied to the Navarrete Plutonic Complex, northeast North-Patagonian Massif, Argentina-
10-Jul-2012Possible dependence between the total solar irradiance and dimethylsulphide-
10-Jul-2012Possible lateral stress interactions in a sequence of large interplate thrust earthquakes on the subducting Cocos and Rivera plates-
10-Jul-2012Precipitation variability and soil water content in Pampean Flatlands (Argentina)-
10-Jul-2012Prediction of the next earthquake in the Mexican subduction zone and NAFZ using the predictive distribution-
10-Jul-2012Prograde Rayleigh-wave motion in the valley of Mexico-