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31-Jul-2012Grain size, mineralogical and geochemical studies of coastal and inland dune sands from El Vizcaíno Desert, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico-
31-Jul-2012Transitional adakite-like to calc-alkaline magmas in a continental extensional setting at La Paz Au-Cu skarn deposits, Mesa Central, Mexico: metallogenic implications-
31-Jul-2012Geochemistry of modern sediments from San Quintín coastal lagoon, Baja California: Implication for provenance-
31-Jul-2012Provenance of sands from Cazones, Acapulco, and Bahía Kino beaches, Mexico-
31-Jul-2012Geochemistry of Carboniferous low metamorphic grade sedimentary and tholeiitic igneous rocks in the western Acatlán complex, southern Mexico: deposition along the active western margin of Pangea-
31-Jul-2012Provenance and tectonic setting of Upper Devonian sandstones from Ilanqareh Formation (NW Iran)-
31-Jul-2012Carbon and oxygen isotope geochemistry of Neoproterozoic limestones of the Shahabad Formation, Bhima basin, Karnataka, southern India-
31-Jul-2012Petrography and geochemistry of Ahwaz Sandstone Member of Asmari Formation, Zagros, Iran: implications on provenance and tectonic setting-
31-Jul-2012Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic characterization of the Miocene volcanic events in the Sierra Madre del Sur, central and southeastern Oaxaca, Mexico-
31-Jul-2012Carboniferous tholeiitic dikes in the Salada unit, Acatlán Complex, southern Mexico: a record of extension on the western margin of Pangea-