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9-Jul-2012A Fast Method for Plotting Binary Solids Composed of a Large Number of Voxels-
9-Jul-2012A Feed-Forward Neural Networks-Based Nonlinear Autoregressive Model for Forecasting Time Series-
9-Jul-2012A Fuzzy Approach on Image Complexity Measure-
9-Jul-2012A Generic Method to Extend Message Space of a Strong Pseudorandom Permutation-
9-Jul-2012A Hybrid Approach in the Development of Behavior Based Robotics-
9-Jul-2012A Low-Complexity current-mode WTA circuit based on CMOS Quasi-FG Inverters-
9-Jul-2012A Machine-Vision System to Detect Unusual Activities Online at Vehicular Intersections-
9-Jul-2012A Methodology Based on Effective Practices to Develop Educational Software-
9-Jul-2012A Mixed Hardware/Software SOFM Training System-
9-Jul-2012A New Kernel to use with Discretized Temporal Series-
9-Jul-2012A New Stability Analysis Method for DC to DC Series Resonant Converters-
9-Jul-2012A Performance Study of Multicast Routing Algorithms on Wireless Ad Hoc Networks-
9-Jul-2012A Reactive Location Routing Algorithm with Cluster-Based Flooding for Inter-Vehicle Communication-
9-Jul-2012A Reinforcement Learning Solution for Allocating Replicated Fragments in a Distributed Database-
9-Jul-2012A Robust Evolvable System for the Synthesis of Analog Circuits-
9-Jul-2012A Self-Adaptive Ant Colony System for Semantic Query Routing Problem in P2P Networks-
9-Jul-2012A Simple Deterministic Lorenz Chaotic-Based Methodology to Cipher and Decipher Information-
9-Jul-2012A Stabilizable Control Laws For a Rotational Pendulum: A Trajectory Planning Approach-
9-Jul-2012A Statistical comparative analysis of Simulated Annealing and Variable Neighborhood Search for the Geographic Clustering Problem-
9-Jul-2012A Supervised Discretization Method for Quantitative and Qualitative Ordered Variables-