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9-Jul-2012A Systemic Rebuttal to the Criticism of Using the Eigenvector for Priority Assessment in the Analytic Hierarchy Process for Decision Making-
9-Jul-2012A Unified Methodology to Evaluate Supervised and Non-Supervised Classification Algorithms-
9-Jul-2012Accurate Flexible Numerical Boundary Conditions for Multidimensional Transport and Diffusion-
9-Jul-2012Active Vibration Control Using On-line Algebraic Identification and Sliding Modes-
9-Jul-2012Adequacy Checking of Personal Software Development Effort Estimation Models Based upon Fuzzy Logic: A Replicated Experiment-
9-Jul-2012Agent Based Simulation in the Selection of Work Teams-
9-Jul-2012Algebraic Immunity of Boolean Functions - Analysis and Construction-
9-Jul-2012Algoritmo Difuso de Locomoción Libre para un Robot Caminante de Seis Patas-
9-Jul-2012Algoritmos y Métodos para el Reconocimiento de Voz en Español Mediante Sílabas-
9-Jul-2012Alpha-Beta Bidirectional Associative Memories-
9-Jul-2012Ambient Computing Research for Healthcare: Challenges, Opportunities and Experiences-
9-Jul-2012An Adaptive Coherence-Replacement Protocol for Web Proxy Cache Systems-
9-Jul-2012An Algorithm for Computing Design Parameters of IFIR Filters with Low Complexity-
9-Jul-2012An Efficient &#916;-Causal Distributed Algorithm for Synchronous Cooperative Systems in Unreliable Networks-
9-Jul-2012An Empirical Study of Harmonic Broadcasting Protocols-
9-Jul-2012An Exponential Linear Model Matching for a Closed Kinematics Chain-
9-Jul-2012An Identification Genetic Algorithm for a Family of Duffing's System-
9-Jul-2012An Overview of Argumentation Semantics-
9-Jul-2012Analysis of LRD Series with Time-Varying Hurst Parameter-
9-Jul-2012Análisis de Mercados Financieros utilizando Técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial-