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9-Jul-2012Universal multifractal description of an hourly rainfall time series from a location in southern Spain-
9-Jul-2012Urban effects on precipitation in Ankara-
9-Jul-2012Urban-rural climatic differences over a 2-year period in the City of Erzurum, Turkey-
9-Jul-2012Urbanization effects upon the air temperature in Mexicali, B. C., México-
9-Jul-2012Variability of rainfall from tropical cyclones in northwestern México and its relation to SOI and PDO-
9-Jul-2012Variability of the standardized precipitation index over México under the A2 climate change scenario-
9-Jul-2012Verification of an algorithm (DWSR 2500C) for hail detection-
9-Jul-2012Volatile organic compounds in the downtown area of Mexicali, México during the spring of 2005: analysis of ambient data and source-receptor modeling-
9-Jul-2012Vulnerability of water resources in the face of potential climate change: generation of hydroelectric power in Colombia-
9-Jul-2012Vulnerability of water resources to climate change scenarios. Impacts on the irrigation districts in the Guayalejo-Tamesí river basin, Tamaulipas, México-
9-Jul-2012Vulnerability to climate change of marine and coastal fisheries in México-
9-Jul-2012Water availability as a limiting factor and optimization of hydropower generation as an adaptation strategy to climate change in the Sinú-Caribe river basin-
9-Jul-2012Water-soluble components in PM10 aerosols over an urban and a suburban site in the city of Sfax (Tunisia)-
9-Jul-2012Weekly cycle in NCAR-NCEP reanalysis surface temperature data-
9-Jul-2012Winter aerosol and trace gas characteristics over a high-altitude station in the Western Ghats, India-
9-Jul-2012Winter water mass of the Veracruz Reef System-