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9-Jul-2012Sea surface temperature and mixed layer depth changes due to cold-air outbreak in the Gulf of Mexico-
9-Jul-2012Seasonal and spatial variation of atmospheric particulate matter in a developing megacity, the Greater Cairo, Egypt-
9-Jul-2012Seasonal dependence of peroxyacetylnitrate (PAN) concentrations in downtown Santiago, Chile-
9-Jul-2012Sensitivity of cloud albedo to aerosol concentration and spectral dispersion of cloud droplet size distribution-
9-Jul-2012Sensitivity of main downdraft features to vertical wind shear and ice-phase in a microburst-producing thunderstorm-
9-Jul-2012Sequence patterns of 1000 hPa and 500 hPa geopotential height fields associated with cold surges over Central Argentina-
9-Jul-2012Simple air quality model for a plane source-
9-Jul-2012Simulated dynamics of net primary productivity (NPP) for outdoor livestock feeding coefficients driven by climate change scenarios in México-
9-Jul-2012Simulation of high impact convective events over Indian region by ARPS model with assimilation of Doppler Weather Radar radial velocity and reflectivity-
9-Jul-2012Simultaneous occurrence of the North Atlantic Seesaw and El Niño-
9-Jul-2012Some atmospheric aerosol characteristics as determined from laser angular scattering measurements at a continental urban station-
9-Jul-2012Some implications of time series analysis for describing climatologic conditions and for forecasting: An illustrative case: Veracruz, México-
9-Jul-2012South American atmospheric circulation anomalies related to droughts in the northwest of Argentina (1951-1980)-
9-Jul-2012Spatial estimation of mean temperature and precipitation in areas of scarce meteorological information-
9-Jul-2012Spatial influence and oceanic thermal response to Santa Ana events along the Baja California Peninsula-
9-Jul-2012Standardized Precipitation Index Zones for México-
9-Jul-2012Statistical analysis of the precipitation trends in the Patagonia region in southern South America-
9-Jul-2012Stochastic analysis of time series of temperatures in the south-west of the Iberian Peninsula-
9-Jul-2012Study of diurnal and seasonal variation of atmospheric NO2, O3, H2O and O4 at Pune, India-
9-Jul-2012Study of thunderstorm and rainfall activity over the Indian region-