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9-Jul-2012Partitioning of formaldehyde between gas phase and particles (PM2.5) in México City-
9-Jul-2012Possible impact of urbanization on the thermal climate of some large cities in México-
9-Jul-2012Prediction of binary tropical cyclones path on northeastern Pacific Ocean-
9-Jul-2012Principal Component Analysis to study spatial variability of errors in the INSAT derived quantitative precipitation estimates over Indian monsoon region-
9-Jul-2012Probabilistic description of rains and ENSO phenomenon in a coffee farm area in Veracruz, México-
9-Jul-2012Quantification of eutrophic aerial compounds in Galicia (NW Spain): Part 1 - NH3 inventory-
9-Jul-2012Quantification of eutrophic aerial compounds in Galicia (NW Spain): Part 2 - NOx inventory-
9-Jul-2012Radars, an alternative in hydrological modeling: Lumped model-
9-Jul-2012Rainfall analysis using conventional and non-conventional rainfall information on monthly scale-
9-Jul-2012Recent trends and temporal behavior of thermal variables in the region of Castilla-León (Spain)-
9-Jul-2012Regional climate change scenarios for México-
9-Jul-2012Regionalization and classification of bioclimatic zones in the central-northeastern region of México using principal component analysis (PCA)-
9-Jul-2012Relationships of daily mortality and hospital admissions to air pollution in Castilla-León, Spain-
9-Jul-2012Rossby wave propagation tracks in southern hemisphere mean basic flows associated to generalized frosts over southern South America-
9-Jul-2012Sea surface temperature and mixed layer depth changes due to cold-air outbreak in the Gulf of Mexico-
9-Jul-2012Seasonal and spatial variation of atmospheric particulate matter in a developing megacity, the Greater Cairo, Egypt-
9-Jul-2012Seasonal dependence of peroxyacetylnitrate (PAN) concentrations in downtown Santiago, Chile-
9-Jul-2012Sensitivity of cloud albedo to aerosol concentration and spectral dispersion of cloud droplet size distribution-
9-Jul-2012Sensitivity of main downdraft features to vertical wind shear and ice-phase in a microburst-producing thunderstorm-