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9-Jul-2012Human thermal comfort over three different land surfaces during summer in the city of Erzurum, Turkey-
9-Jul-2012Impact of the Popocatepetl's volcanic activity on the air quality of Puebla City, México-
9-Jul-2012Impact of the use of segregated streets in the elemental carbon concentrations in Santiago de Chile-
9-Jul-2012Implementation and applications of chaotic oscillatory based neural network for wind prediction problems-
9-Jul-2012Influence of synoptic scale in the generation of extremely cold days in Europe-
9-Jul-2012Interannual and interdecadal variability in the predominant Pacific region SST anomaly patterns and their impact on climate in the mid-Mississippi valley region-
9-Jul-2012Ionospheric response to the phenomena occurring below and above it: a summary-
9-Jul-2012Lightning induced heating of the ionosphere-
9-Jul-2012Main periodicities of the minimum extreme temperature of three stations near the Mexican Pacific coast-
9-Jul-2012May the NAO index be used to forecast rain in Spain?-
9-Jul-2012Measurements of C1-C4 carbonyls at forested regions in México-
9-Jul-2012Measurements of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in an urban atmosphere of Agra, India-
9-Jul-2012Methane conversion factors from cattle manure in México-
9-Jul-2012Methodological approach to the study of the daily persistence of the sea breeze in Alicante (Spain)-
9-Jul-2012Mexican drought: an observational modeling and tree ring study of variability and climate change-
9-Jul-2012Multi-model ensemble forecasting of rainfall over Indian monsoon region-
9-Jul-2012Net radiation estimation under pasture and forest in Rondônia, Brazil, with TM Landsat 5 images-
9-Jul-2012North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and precipitation in Galicia (Spain)-
9-Jul-2012Numerical simulation of wind gusts in intense convective weather and terrain-disrupted airflow-
9-Jul-2012Objective analysis of daily extreme temperatures over Indian region-