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9-Jul-2012Early meteorological records of Manila: El Niño episode of 1864-
9-Jul-2012Effect of an axially-symmetric cyclonic vortex on the sea surface temperature in the Gulf of México-
9-Jul-2012Effect of seismic activities on ion temperature in the F2 region of the ionosphere-
9-Jul-2012Effects of an assumed cosmic ray-modulated low global cloud cover on the Earth's temperature-
9-Jul-2012Ensemble lagged forecasts of a monsoon depression over India using a mesoscale model-
9-Jul-2012Ensemble spread and systematic errors in the medium-range predictions during the Indian summer monsoon-
9-Jul-2012ENSO influence on satellite-derived chlorophyll trends in the Gulf of California-
9-Jul-2012ENSO-tuna relations in the eastern Pacific Ocean and its prediction as a non-linear dynamic system-
9-Jul-2012Erythemal irradiance at the Magellan's region and Antarctic ozone hole 1999-2005-
9-Jul-2012Evaluation of climatic forecasts of rainfall for the Tlaxcala State (México): 1998-2002-
9-Jul-2012Evaluation of urban-rural bioclimatic comfort differences over a ten-year period in the sample of Erzincan city reconstructed after a heavy earthquake-
9-Jul-2012Evaluative testing of a prototype barometer-
9-Jul-2012Evolution of atmospheric pollutants in the city of Sfax (Tunisia) (October 1996-June 1997)-
9-Jul-2012Gridsize induced error in the discretization of exchange processes at the tropopause-
9-Jul-2012Human thermal comfort over three different land surfaces during summer in the city of Erzurum, Turkey-
9-Jul-2012Impact of the Popocatepetl's volcanic activity on the air quality of Puebla City, México-
9-Jul-2012Impact of the use of segregated streets in the elemental carbon concentrations in Santiago de Chile-
9-Jul-2012Implementation and applications of chaotic oscillatory based neural network for wind prediction problems-
9-Jul-2012Influence of synoptic scale in the generation of extremely cold days in Europe-
9-Jul-2012Interannual and interdecadal variability in the predominant Pacific region SST anomaly patterns and their impact on climate in the mid-Mississippi valley region-