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9-Jul-2012Calibration of the equations of Hargreaves and Thornthwaite to estimate the potential evapotranspiration in semi-arid and subhumid tropical climates for regional applications-
9-Jul-2012Changing rainfall in the Palakkad plains of South India-
9-Jul-2012Characteristics of the surface layer above a row crop in the presence of local advection-
9-Jul-2012Characterization of atmospheric particles: analysis of particles in the Campo de Gibraltar-
9-Jul-2012Characterization of atmospheric transport to the El Tajín archaeological zone in Veracruz, México-
9-Jul-2012Characterization of traffic-generated pollutants in Bucharest-
9-Jul-2012Chemical composition of rainwater in northeastern México-
9-Jul-2012Cirrus clouds physical and spatiotemporal features in the Wider Caribbean-
9-Jul-2012Classification of thunderstorm and non-thunderstorm days in Calcutta (India) on the basis of linear discriminant analysis-
9-Jul-2012Climate and climate change in the region of Los Tuxtlas (Veracruz, Mexico): A statistical analysis-
9-Jul-2012Climate change and climate variability impacts on rainfed agricultural activities and possible adaptation measures. A Mexican case study-
9-Jul-2012Climate change scenarios of extreme temperatures and atmospheric humidity for México-
9-Jul-2012Combined IR-microwave satellite retrieval of temperature and moisture profiles using the ICI inversion system and its application in the MM5 model-
9-Jul-2012Comparative analysis of indices of extreme rainfall events: Variations and trends from southern México-
9-Jul-2012Comparison between LDA technique and fuzzy membership roster method for pre-monsoon weather forecasting-
9-Jul-2012Comparison of gauge-corrected versus non-gauge corrected satellite-based quantitative precipitation estimates during the 2004 NAME enhanced observing period-
9-Jul-2012Concentration of PM10 in the Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica, Central America: Chemical composition and potential sources-
9-Jul-2012Convective rainfall rate multi-channel algorithm for Meteosat-7 and radar derived calibration matrices-
9-Jul-2012Defining climate zones in México City using multivariate analysis-
9-Jul-2012Detection of the urban heat island in Mexicali, B. C., México and its relationship with land use-