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9-Jul-2012A case study of orographic cyclogenesis over South America-
9-Jul-2012A climatological study of sea breeze clouds in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula (Alicante, Spain)-
9-Jul-2012A comparison of two cases of low-latitude thundersnow-
9-Jul-2012A neural network approach for temperature retrieval from AMSU-A measurements onboard NOAA-15 and NOAA-16 satellites and a case study during Gonu cyclone-
9-Jul-2012A new reconstruction of total solar irradiance since 1832-
9-Jul-2012A note on coastally trapped waves generated by the wind at the Northern Bight of Panamá-
9-Jul-2012A note on inertial motion-
9-Jul-2012A numerical investigation of the atmosphere-ocean thermal contrast over the coastal upwelling region of Cabo Frio, Brazil-
9-Jul-2012A numerical study of the development of convection on 21 July 2001 over Cuba-
9-Jul-2012A proposal for a vulnerability index for hydroelectricity generation in the face of potential climate change in Colombia-
9-Jul-2012A short communication on meteorological observations at Mt. Everest 6523 m-
9-Jul-2012A statistical study of seasonal winter rainfall prediction in the Comahue region (Argentina)-
9-Jul-2012A study on certain aspects of kinetic energy associated with western disturbances over northwest India-
9-Jul-2012Air pollution from fireworks during festival of lights (Deepawali) in Howrah, India - a case study-
9-Jul-2012An approach to seasonal forecasting of summer rainfall in Buenos Aires, Argentina-
9-Jul-2012Analysis of daily precipitation based on weather radar information in México City-
9-Jul-2012Analysis of full-scale data obtained in a street canyon-
9-Jul-2012Analysis of some meteorological variables recorded at 4000 m in the Argentinean subtropical Andean region-
9-Jul-2012Analysis of temporal behavior of climate variables using artificial neural networks: an application to mean monthly maximum temperatures on the Spanish Central Plateau-
9-Jul-2012Analysis of the behavior of the extreme values of minimum daily atmospheric pressure at ground level over the Spanish Central Plateau-