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9-Jul-2012Temporal variations in sun photometer measured precipitable water in near IR band and its comparison with model estimates at a tropical Indian station-
9-Jul-2012The effects of canopy cover on throughfall and soil chemistry in two forest sites in the México City air basin-
9-Jul-2012The global and UV-B radiation over Egypt-
9-Jul-2012The impact of urbanization on the monthly averaged diurnal cycle in October 2004 in the Pearl River Delta region-
9-Jul-2012The interannual variability of midwestern temperatures and precipitation as related to the ENSO and PDO-
9-Jul-2012The Lorenz chaotic systems as nonlinear oscillators with memory-
9-Jul-2012The mechanical influence of continental topography on the trajectories of tropical cyclones near the west coast of México-
9-Jul-2012The nature of the rainfall onset over central South America-
9-Jul-2012The risk of early and late frost behavior in central México under El Niño conditions-
9-Jul-2012The role of climatic elements in public tendency towards alternative tourism: a sample of Turkey-
9-Jul-2012The role of convective parameterization in the simulation of a cyclone over the South Atlantic-
9-Jul-2012The singular role of the atmospheric stability in forest fires-
9-Jul-2012The storm of January 1, 2000, north of the city of Mendoza-
9-Jul-2012Total peroxides and sulfate in rainwater in the Mexican eastern Pacific Ocean during the Climatic Experiment in the Americas Warm Water Pools-
9-Jul-2012Tropical cyclone statistics in the Northeastern Pacific-
9-Jul-2012Twelve years of continuous measurements of atmospheric electrical activity in México's Tropical highland-
9-Jul-2012Universal multifractal description of an hourly rainfall time series from a location in southern Spain-
9-Jul-2012Urban effects on precipitation in Ankara-
9-Jul-2012Urban-rural climatic differences over a 2-year period in the City of Erzurum, Turkey-
9-Jul-2012Urbanization effects upon the air temperature in Mexicali, B. C., México-