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Título: Internet for the rural development in Aguascalientes, Mexico
Palabras clave: electronic communication media
digital community centers
Fecha de publicación: 9-Jul-2012
Editorial: Agricultura técnica en México
Descripción: The incipient use of Internet in rural areas and there was the assumption that the low educational level, older producers, the lack of infrastructure and computer hardware, affect the interest of producers to know and use the medium of communication. Diagnosis was performed to identify factors that determine the use of these electronic media in rural areas of the state of Aguascalientes. In April 2008; 81 producers were interviewed by sampling method in "bola de nieve". Sociodemographic characteristics were identified: gender, age, education, occupation and aspects of computer use, email and Internet. Negative correlation was found between the age of producers and computer use (r2= -0.43920) and high positive correlation with educational level (r2= 0.74248), and the need for training in the Internet use (r2= 0.89646). Notwithstanding the alleged cultural barriers and lack of infrastructure and computer equipment in rural areas, it was possible in three workshops to train 37 farmers in the management of a computer, email and Internet. Under the light of the results, contrary to the assumption that the Internet has no rural penetration, it was found in the area of study, that there is interest in using electronic means of communication as well as the availability of infrastructure (10 000 digital community centers nationwide) so there is a great opportunity for Internet use in the transfer of information on Web pages, email, video conferencing, distance learning, discussion forums, among other tools and applications like a cost-effective to enhance persona l communication, group and institutional development and strengthening rural families.
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