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dc.descriptionIn both Barley malt is an important highland crop in Mexico. Due to a high demand from the malt industry there is a need to increase its production throughout higher yielding and disease resistant cultivars for rainfed conditions. The new cultivar 'Adabella' was developed by the National Barley Breeding Program of the National Research Institute for Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock of Mexico. Adabella is tolerant to all diseases that occur in the central highlands of Mexico, high yielding, with grain of excellent industrial quality and suited for rainfed conditions in areas from average to higher productivity. Adabella was evaluated in more than 50 year-location combinations and its yield was 15% higher than that of the commercial check 'Esmeralda'.-
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dc.titleAdabella: variedad de cebada maltera para valles altos de la mesa central de México-
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