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Título: Temamatla, estudio de una comunidad ribereña en el sur de la Cuenca de México: I
Temamatla, estudio de una comunidad ribereña en el sur de la Cuenca de México: I
Temamatla, estudio de una comunidad ribereña en el sur de la Cuenca de México: I

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Tamamatla; Modo de subsistencia; Prospección arqueológica; Formativo

Fecha de publicación: 9-Sep-2011
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas
Descripción: In this work the authors present the general results and comments about the Temamatla site, located south of the Mexican Basin. They also, set forward some results derived from the excavation season. This investigation is part of the project named "Formativo en el sur de la Cuenca de México" and it was initiated in 1986 with the first season of surface prospection. Temamatla is one of the most important sites of the Middle Formative, with continuity through the Terminal phase and with evidence of continuous settlements and monumental architecture; the latter represented by two rectangular platforms 65 by 10 meters. Located at the foot of the mountain, the site is an artificially refilled terrace forming an extensive horizontal surface where the main part of the settlement was ubicated. Within the lake limits it has been possible to detect a containing wall that perhaps served as an access and pier zone. Some remarks about the materials associated to the defined areas have been made as a first approach to the site's history.
Este trabajo es una presentación de los resultados de la investigación, así como de algunos comentarios, sobre el sitio de Temamatla ubicado al sur de la Cuenca de México, como parte del proyecto Formativo en el sur de la Cuenca de México. Este sitio es uno de los más importantes del periodo Formativo Medio y Terminal que presentan arquitectura monumental.
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