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Título: El Bienestar como Preferencia y las Mediciones de Pobreza
Palabras clave: Filosofía
Poverty measurements
theory of capabilities
Editorial: Universidad de Chile
Descripción: The notion of welfare has historically been related to the notion of satisfying individual preferences or wants. This point of view was proposed by Bentham in the eighteen century. Following Bentham, welfare is thought to depend on satisfaction of those preferences. We shall try to show how this notion of welfare has influenced our theoretical instruments in poverty messurements, and to point out its limits and difficulties. Finally, we shall propose an alternative point of view based on the theory of capabilities developed by A. Sen.
Other Identifiers: http://www.redalyc.org/articulo.oa?id=10101306
Aparece en las Colecciones:Revista de Ingeniería Sísmica

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