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Título: Un pensamiento que se habita Arquitectura de Carlos González Lobo
Carlos González Lobo's Architecture: Inhabiting a Thought
Fecha de publicación: 9-Sep-2011
Editorial: Facultad de Arquitectura
Carlos González Lobo is a widely well-known architect, both in the professional scope as well as the academic one. his capacities have allowed him to develop his profession in multiple aspects. He is a master, doctor, professor, lecturer, contributor, writer, designer and builder. His educational work has taken him not only to be a constant lecturer and promoter of his own work, but also of Mexican architecture. What sets him apart from the other lecturers is mainly his studied oratory, as well as being distinguished by content. For almost all architects, buildings are their speech protagonists. For Carlos his buildings are just means of the speech . It seems that these are excuses to narrate stories that are behind them. The stories of objects are the means, but the purpose is the work of human beings, of the users. His work as a writer is indissolubly bound to his architectonic work. There are different types of writer-architects: investigators, educational, interviewer ones. We are now before an architect-writer who practices the project, particularly in composition, and to whom the magnitude of his work allows him to construct them in a direct way. Now, which are the main characteristics in his work? Their registered in a minority current almost against the established, the one of those who think that our profession is, first of all, to bring service. Architecture in order to serve and not to use it. Aesthetic and ethics, in that order. Putting in the middle the idea of serving inhabitants is what we could call the anthropocentric vision of architecture. José Villagrán said that "the architects goal is not the building but the living work, the inhabited and acclimated one". When he is designing, Carlos González Lobo takes care of and translates the users way of life, traditions, symbols, meanings, customs;doing whatever is necessary so they can enrich and transmit their inheritance. But besides designing and composing, he materializeshis work, he constructs it; this is our profession's essence. But now the original idea of our purpose as architects is losing touch with reality, instead of feeling responsible for the ideals and the material existence of architecture", we have chosen the first one only, this is undoubtedly, among other several, one of the reasons of present crisis in our profession.
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