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Palabras clave: Historia
Bakufu anti-Christian policy
Hirado-machi organization
Christian Nagasaki
City of Apostates
Population register 1642
Japanese Households in the Seventeenth Century
Editorial: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Descripción: Population registers of Japanese cities are rare for the pre-modern period. However, a set of population registers dating from the seventeenth through the nine- teenth centuries and dealing with Hirado-machi, a ward in the city of Nagasaki, have been preserved by chance. Because of their unique value, these registers have received quite a bit of attention from Japanese scholars, ranging from transcriptions of the original documents to analyses of the data contained in them. In this article, a short introduction mostly based on this research by Japanese scholars precedes a complete translation into English of the most detailed register of the set containing data from 1642. The register shows that by this time overt Christianity had been extirpated throughout the city and that Nagasaki was going through a phase of being a city of apostates.
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