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Título: Japanese women's role. Past and present
Palabras clave: Historia
Editorial: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Descripción: In this paper our aim is to analyze the social and economic changes the Japanese society is experiencing after the #8216;economic bubble #8217; by studying certain anthropological and sociological aspects concerning Japanese women and their role in the new emergent society of the 21st century. It is widely accepted that culture is going to determine the viewpoints and the actions undertaken by people and organizations. Habits, behaviours and attitudes are entwined in the culture of a certain community and belong to the social inheritance rather than to the genetic one. Culture as part of the individual will determine the characteristics of the individuals, as part of the group will determine the methods and the systems of the organizations and their aims. Human behaviour is, thus, influenced by both, but especially by what could be labelled as the socio-cultural inheritance, namely culture.
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Aparece en las Colecciones:Bulletin of Portuguese - Japanese Studies

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