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Título: Largos caminhos e vastos mares Jesuit Missionaries and the journey to China in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Palabras clave: Historia
Editorial: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Descripción: This article is an analysis of unique primary source material concerning Jesuit missionaries on the sea voyage to China during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. During this period, hundreds of men embarked in Lisbon on the ships of the Carreira da Índia for India and beyond. Sailing from Portugal around Africa and eventually to Goa, the members of the China mission had only completed half of their voyage. After months or years waiting at the capital of the Estado da Índia, they would board ship once again for another perilous journey around the subcontinent, through the Straits of Malacca and over the China Sea to Macao. But far from being a leisurely journey, this trip took a heavy toll on the numbers of zealous missionaries impelled across the world by religious fervor. For the chronically understaffed China mission, who only drew limited numbers of men from Europe, the death of each prospective recruit on the ocean was a tragedy. But since the missionary enterprise was a perpetual one, the Jesuits were forced to make efforts to protect their men as well as possible during the journey east. Using a combination of administrative documents and voyage narratives, this article describes the trials passed and skills gained during the missionaries trip to China. Two sets of official regulations drawn up by the Portuguese Jesuit hierarchy form the basis of this study. These texts reveal how the Society of Jesus organized (or attempted to organize) its members during the year-long passage, making sure that they not only survived, but were also prepared to begin their missionary work. Beyond regulating the everyday life of the Jesuits, touching on aspects from food to study to prayer, the rules instruct them how to deal with the problems of sickness, death, and shipwreck. But as members of a religious order, the Jesuits were obliged to carry out charitable and spiritual work among the crews and passengers who traveled with them.
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